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Smart Contract Auditing

We provide fast & top tier audits for your token

Audited & Secure Token Generator

Generate a token you are proud of, with ZERO coding knowledge

Bot Protection Contract

Bot protection to ensure a clean liquidity listing

Sniper Bot Detector

We provide a Free Bot Detection tool that gives you valuable insights about your launch using realtime data analysis

Audited & Secured

Create your own SOLID Coin

Basic ERC20 Token

The most minimal implementation of the ERC20 standard

RFI-Based Token

Holders earn passive rewards on every transfer.

Auto Yield Generation and LP Acquisition

Holders earn passive rewards on every transfer. Every transfer contributes towards automatically liquidity addition.

Dividends Paying Token

Holders earn passive rewards on every transfer in their favorite token!

Vesting Contracts

Vesting contracts for your private investors to ensure trust in the project

Locker Contracts

One Locker contract for all your needs, no need to pay for each LOCK!

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Top Auditing firm



Million Dollar Secured

Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider founded by cybersecurity experts with a great passion for the cryptocurrency world. We are known for our exceptional out of the box thinking, experience, and our credibility among the community. Throughout our work, our team was able to discover many high severity issues & vulnerabilities. We work with leading companies in the field, helping them increase their resilience through tailored services and solutions. Explore Our Audits

Create a SOLID token

Secured & Audited Token Generator

We democratize ICOs by giving everyone the privilege to create their own token. In addition, by creating your token using our platform, you will also receive a Solid Group audit certification to ensure your investors' trust and keep them informed right from the start. Our experienced team has developed the perfect tool for you to create your own secure, reliable and customizable token that also supports complex protocols with just a few clicks

Bot Protection

Bot Protection Service

We offer a bot protection tool that mitigates any bot activity. Our product secures your liquidity listing by taking proactive measures against unwelcome threats and provides your investors an unbiased environment.

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